10 common window and door maintenance mistakes to avoid

Doors and windows are perhaps the most fundamental architectural elements of one’s home. They are important in controlling light, ventilation, and even movement in and out of the house. Many people, however, fail to maintain them properly, causing wear and tear and compromising their integrity. This could lead to expensive repairs or replacements in the future. Here are ten common window and door maintenance mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Not cleaning regularly
One must clean the doors and windows regularly to keep them looking clean and ensure their proper functioning. This includes wiping down the screen or surface and removing any dirt or debris that collects in the tracks or hinges. Skipping this could increase the risk of corrosion or limit their movement.

Using harsh chemicals to clean
One should pay close attention to the cleaners being used. Harsh or abrasive products and tools, such as ammonia-based cleaners and sponges, can damage the doors’ and windows’ surfaces, affecting their appearance. Therefore, it is best to use a gentle cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth or a lint-free towel to avoid streaks or scratches and keep them looking fresh as new.

Forgetting about lubricants
Once in a while, using a lubricant on the moving parts of doors and windows can also help. This includes the hinges, locks, and rollers. Without this special care, they can wear out quickly and become difficult to operate. One must invest in a silicone-based lubricant to ensure proper functioning and use it at least once a year.

Not sealing gaps and cracks
Depending on the material of the doors or windows, they may also develop gaps or cracks. This can become a source of air or gas leaks, causing mold or rot. To avoid this health risk, one must regularly check for gaps and cracks and fix them promptly with weatherstripping or caulking.
One must also remember that weatherstripping and sealants can deteriorate over time as well. These must be inspected daily and reapplied to maintain a tight seal that prevents air or water leakage.

Not addressing moisture or condensation issues
Wooden doors and windows often require special care. Collecting moisture or condensation on these surfaces could damage them, causing them to rot. It could also deteriorate the seals. One can avoid this by maintaining proper ventilation around the house or by using an exhaust fan in high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Using too much pressure to close windows and doors
Exercising too much power when opening or closing windows and doors could damage them. This could include instances where one forces a stuck window open or tries to slam it too hard to shut. Avoid this. Instead, glide them smoothly. This can elongate their lifespan. Check if something is blocking or impeding the way in case of obstructions.

Ignoring minor damage
Chips, cracks, and wear and tear are normal, especially for objects that are used daily. Doors and windows are no different. Keep an eye out for these, and have them fixed as soon as possible. Ignoring them could cause them to worsen, leading to costly repairs or overhauls.

Only opting for DIY repairs
Many people opt for DIY repairs, as they seem more cost-effective. However, without adequate experience, this may not go as well as planned. Since doors and windows are protective devices often found in heavy-traffic areas, it is best to leave their care to the professionals. Call a window and door repair specialist or replacement contractor to ensure the work is carried out safely.

Ignoring their energy efficiency
When maintained well, door and window insulation can also help improve energy efficiency by avoiding excessive heat gain or loss around the house. Adding blinds, curtains, and thermal shades can further improve this ability.
Alternatively, double-glazed or Low-e windows may also help keep the home insulated, reducing ultraviolet exposure. While cleaning surfaces with special treatments, one must follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely.

Overlooking their safety mechanism
One of the most important functions of a door or a window is to keep the home safe and reduce the risk of break-ins. Their locking systems must be maintained in proper working condition to ensure this. During regular cleaning, double-check these systems. In case of any difficulties, contact a lock specialist immediately.