6 tips to grow social media followers

With the advent of online platforms, the modern era has become a golden period for exchanging ideas. Individuals worldwide are creating social media profiles, reaching out to the global masses, and becoming immensely popular as online influencers. However, an abundance of online content now poses a challenge for individuals to create their unique identities. So, on that note, here are a few tips to increase one’s social media followers:

Optimize social media profiles
Optimizing one’s social media profiles and ensuring visual appeal can considerably enhance visibility. Users can optimize their social media profiles by uploading a professional logo, picture, or video of the correct dimensions and using this picture across different social media platforms. This step ensures that individuals recognize one’s social media profile instantly, regardless of the platform. Another strategy to optimize one’s social media profile is to target specific keywords relevant to the nature of the content being posted and add these keywords to different parts of one’s profile, including the bio and landing pages.

Understand when to upload posts
The best time of the day to upload social media content on one’s profile depends primarily on the social media platform being leveraged and the social media behavior of one’s target audience. For example, one can utilize social media analytics to understand audience behavior and post content accordingly to increase one’s reach and gain more followers.

Partner with other influencers
Statistical analysis suggests that 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns. Today, influencer marketing is considered an essential marketing strategy. The strategy involves a collaboration between social media influencers and brands, often to garner more reach or promote one’s products and services. For example, one can invite other popular influencers, particularly those posting similar types of content, for a casual live chat session or a tutorial video. A “Who’s Most Likely To” game session with a popular influencer is another great influencer marketing strategy.

Follow a systematic content calendar
A content calendar is essential to help influencers organize their posting dates and times and avoid last-minute confusion. Moreover, it can help one spread their content, preventing them from sharing too many posts at a time, followed by a dry spell. The key is to post consistently but avoid uploading posts for the sake of it. Preparing a weekly or monthly content calendar can help one post meaningful content regularly and gain more followers.

Follow trends but avoid jumping on bandwagons
Uploading posts on current trends can considerably increase followers and engagement rates. However, it helps to decide what trends should be leveraged based on the type of content that can be generated around them. For example, following the bandwagon and uploading contrived posts on current trends can reduce one’s appeal on social media.

Ensure active engagement with target groups
Social media is never a one-way street. Communicating with one’s target audience helps influencers gain massive appeal and increase their followers rapidly. Today, several innovative strategies exist to interact with other users besides replying to comments. For example, influencers can conduct live #AskMeAnything sessions and answer questions asked by viewers. Asking questions or taking polls on one’s stories and sharing the results later is another fun way to increase engagement rates.