7 common toilet cleaning mistakes to avoid

Keeping the washroom clean is a hands-on task. But it’s necessary to wipe down all surfaces, use quality disinfectants, and sanitize the area regularly to maintain good hygiene. Doing so will prevent transferring bacteria and germs from the toilet to other areas of the house. Cleaning the toilet seems straightforward enough. But here are 7 mistakes you might be making involuntarily and should avoid the next time you tackle this task.

Forgetting to clean the toilet brush
The tool designed to scrape off grime, gunk, and all the funky discoloration in a toilet also needs to be cleaned thoroughly after regular use. Not cleaning the brush leaves bacteria and viruses to harbor and transfer over to your hands the next time you pick it up.

Wiping down surfaces immediately
When you use a chemical base toilet cleaner, it is important to spray and allow the product to sit on the surface while the formula activates and does its job. Never wipe down the surface immediately after spraying it with the cleaning solution, as it will not be as effective.

Using too many cleaning products
Mixing cleaning products or repeatedly using them on the surface can cause the toilet bowl layer to erode and become discolored. Also, mixing cleaning products that contain unknown chemicals can create a lethal chain reaction releasing harmful toxins and fumes you should never inhale. Use such products carefully and as instructed only.

Using the same cloth for all surfaces
The countertops and sink areas should not be cleaned with the same cloth used to wipe down the walls of the washroom. Doing so will only transfer dirt and bacteria from one surface to another. Instead, you must use a separate set of sponges, microfiber cloth, and wipes to clean different surfaces.

Cleaning with cold water
Experts suggest using hot water to clean and scrub toilet surfaces as the heat activates the soapy formula and ensures a more thorough clean. Hot water also easily helps you break down grime and dirt.

Leaving the exhaust fan dirty
The exhaust fan blades will also get very dirty over time. Clean the blades using a wet wipe and some disinfectant to remove all bacteria and disease-causing germs that collect on the blades.

Forgetting to clean the floor mats
A wet floor mat is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It’s also important to get these accessories washed from time to time.