7 unusual ways to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, and West Nile Virus, making it crucial to avoid their presence in and around the house. A Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) study found over 1,000 cases of mosquito-borne infections nationwide last year. Mosquitoes tend to be vectors of a variety of viruses. Therefore, to avoid mosquito-driven infections, here are some unconventional yet practical ways to keep them at bay.

Spreading out coffee grounds
One of the most weird ways to keep mosquitoes away is using coffee grounds. These are surprisingly efficacious in repelling mosquitoes anywhere. Mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant pools and puddles of water. To inhibit the breeding, one can spread coffee grounds on the surface of such pools and puddles. The grounds form a barrier that prevents oxygen from entering the water surface. This results in the suffocation and elimination of mosquitoes and their larvae underneath the surface.
Apart from preventing larvae from growing into adult mosquitoes, this method is also an eco-friendly way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Adding piñon wood to one’s wood stack
Mosquitoes find certain odors incredibly repulsive, and the scent of piñon wood is one of them. Piñon wood tends to work like incense, another common tool used to drive mosquitoes away, and gives off a strong aroma that mosquitoes cannot stand. So, the next time an individual or group is camping outdoors, they can add liberal amounts of this wood to their wood stack while lighting up their fire pit. Doing so will ensure that their conversations are not interrupted by pesky mosquitoes and their buzzing sound.

Using essential oil spray
Oil sprays come with a host of benefits. However, only some know how effective they are in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Their underrated appeal makes the usage of oil sprays one of the weirdest ways to keep mosquitoes away. Essential oil spray mixtures are easy to concoct at home. One can use oils such as lavender, thyme, or peppermint in their concoction. Once that is done, individuals can use a spray bottle to sprinkle little quantities of the concoction to keep mosquitoes away. The sweetest-smelling oils tend to repulse mosquitoes more due to the strong nature of their aroma.

Putting dryer sheets in pockets
Like many solutions listed here, dryer sheets may not be among the first things to think of when considering keeping mosquitoes away. Nevertheless, these sheets, normally used to freshen laundry, are also excellent and proven mosquito repellents. One can create fragrant barriers around them by slipping a dryer sheet into the pocket of their shirt or jacket or tying one onto their belt. Certain chemicals in dryer sheets can interfere with mosquitoes’ receptors, which they use to locate potential bite victims. As a result, using dryer sheets can prevent the pests from finding hosts to infect.

Using bug zappers
Among all the marvelous and weird tricks and tips listed here, using bug zappers may seem generic and conventional. However, their sheer effectiveness makes them a candidate on any list about keeping mosquitoes at bay. Bug zappers resemble tennis rackets, and users can simply swish their way into rooms and places with many mosquitoes. The electricity contained in these devices is small enough not to harm kids and other humans and heavy enough to incinerate mosquitoes flying in the air.

Wearing light-colored clothing
People frequently focus on using oils, traps, and other devices while strategizing about keeping mosquitoes away. However, not many may think about the clothes that they wear. Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to specific colors of clothing, mainly the darker ones. Dark-colored clothes not only attract mosquitoes, flies, and other pests during the night but also keep them camouflaged there. Lighter-colored clothing, on the other hand, enables people to see if they have a mosquito or cockroach crawling on their apparel. Also, lighter-colored clothes have been known to drive mosquitoes away from a person.

Deploying outdoor traps
Outdoor traps emit carbon dioxide that lures mosquitoes in. Additionally, the pests are attracted to the heat and light emitted by these devices. Once mosquitoes enter the trap, they cannot fly out and, eventually, collapse and perish inside due to suffocation. This makes outdoor traps one of the most ruthlessly efficient mosquito killers.