8 most returned Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day, a perfect time to show appreciation for one’s significant other, sees record-breaking sales of gifting items, with a whopping $25.9 billion reportedly spent during the Day last year. Some of the top-selling products include candy, greeting cards, flowers, jewelry, clothing, and gift cards. But there are several gifts that inadvertently find their way back to the store after the celebration for various reasons. Here are some commonly returned items.

Oversized stuffed toys
Stuffed, cuddly toys like giant teddy bears or other stuffed animals are some of the most returned items post Valentine’s Day. While they are admirable, these presents occupy a lot of space in the house, are relatively impractical in terms of their use, and have little purpose in daily life. Not to mention, they are also incredibly generic and lack a personalized touch. So, unless explicitly requested, it’s best to steer clear of giant stuffed toys as a go-to Valentine’s Day present.

Generic chocolates
A heart-shaped box of chocolates or other uninspiring assortment of these sweets may be another most returned Valentine’s gift. With a lack of exciting flavors or any personalization, it often seems like a last-minute gift bought as an afterthought. To avoid this, one can explore local candy stores or gourmet brands and get an ensemble that offers the recipient’s preferred flavors and chocolates worth remembering and keeping.

Household appliances
Household items and electronic appliances like toasters, vacuums are incredibly practical, but they are also some items that may be returned. These may be appropriate gifts for housewarming parties, but not so much to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So unless one has collectively decided with the significant other to invest in more mindful purchases during the day, it’s best to avoid household appliances as a surprise gift to celebrate romance.

Self-help books
Sure, self-help books are of great help to every individual, but there’s a risk to gifting these items to one’s partner for Valentine’s Day. It may come across as a gift highlighting the flaw in the recipient and their need to work on themselves rather than appreciating their presence in one’s life. One also runs the risk of gifting a book that’s already read by the recipient and potentially subjecting it to returns.

Candles are also among the items returned post Valentine’s Day. These are not long-lasting, incredibly generic, and may give the impression of a lack of effort. Unless they are part of a specially curated collection, it’s best to steer clear of candles as a gifting choice for Valentine’s Day.

Clothing or gym apparel
Another item that may see a return after Valentine’s season is clothing, like t-shirts, dresses, jeans, shirts, gym apparel, and more. It’s not always possible to guess the color and style preferences of one’s partner, even in the case of long-term couples. Every person has unique tastes and preferences, making clothing a challenging choice for gifting. What might seem like a stylish and trendy choice to one person could be completely off the mark for another. This is one of the reasons why clothing may be one of the most returned items during Valentine’s and other festivals. Those wanting to get clothing items can instead opt for gift cards to a store that one’s significant other frequently visits or buy a piece of complimentary items that do not require sizing, like scarves or accessories.

Heart-shaped jewelry
Heart-shaped jewelry is a popular category of gifting items for Valentine’s but may also be subject to returns after the holiday. This is mainly because heart-shaped pendants or earrings lack innovation and personalization and may also seem clichéd. Instead, one can consider the choices of one’s partner and invest in elegant and understated jewelry. One can also think of personalizing it with the recipient’s initials or consider buying something that complements the recipient’s favorite clothing item in their wardrobe.

Gifts they already own
One of the main reasons for returning items post holidays is the fact that the recipient already owns the item. One might think a hair styling kit or a nice smartwatch is perfect as a Valentine’s gift, but it’s important to cross-check whether the recipient already owns it. At times, these gifts, although thoughtful and useful, may be redundant and subjected to returns if the recipient has them.

It’s best to spend some time reflecting on the recipient’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and aspirations to find a suitable present for them. This will not only lift the mood of the special day but also avoid any payments and return hassles.