Top 10 Internet Service Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

A good internet connection is a much-needed part of daily life for work and personal reasons. Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for deals on internet services. Top brands come up with various offers, from BOGO on connections to bundle deals. While Black Friday 2023 offers are not yet live for most brands, it is possible to get an idea of the kind of deals to expect by looking at last year’s offers.

Benefits of 5g internet
Customers can get valuable discounts from their area’s internet service providers (ISPs) during the Black Friday sale. 5G internet is all the hype now, and rightly so, with its ability to better mobile connections and make the internet speedier. These 5G networks use a different frequency than the previous generation ones, allowing them to cut through the lag and transfer data faster. With 5G internet, the customers need a 5G receiver at the inside or outside the house to be able to pick up a signal. Not all internet providers use this service, so shoppers can look for offers from limited brands like Starry Internet, T-Mobile Home Internet, or even Verizon.

1. Starry
Starry Internet has various internet plans like the 30mbps plan costs $15 a month, 50 Mbps costs $30 a month, 100 Mbps (but only 50mbps upload) costs $30, 200mbps costs $50, and 500mbps download costs $65 a month. One may expect Black Friday deals on these plans.
2. T-Mobile
T-Mobile home internet has max speeds from 72 to 245 Mbps for downloads with 15-31 Mbps for uploads, and it costs $50 a month. However, if a customer is already an eligible T-Mobile voice customer, then this plan costs them only $30. T-Mobile is likely to offer deals on their 5G plans, among others, based on last year’s Black Friday sales.
3. Verizon
Verizon’s 5G home internet has two main plans. One plan is called 5G Home, which costs around $50 monthly and $35 for those qualifying as Verizon mobile customers; it has an 85-300mbps download speed. The other plan is called the 5G Home Plus plan, which costs around $70 monthly and $45 for those qualifying as Verizon mobile customers. The download speed for this plan is 300-1000 Mbps.

Home WiFi
Aside from looking for 5G plans, one may want to switch to another WiFi network at home for multiple reasons. Black Friday is one of the best times to do so, as brands may offer steep discounts, bundle deals, and more to customers. Many other brands offer home WiFi services, including local internet service providers like Astound Broadband, Hughes Net, Optimum, and more. Some of the plans these companies offer include:

4. Astound Broadband
It is priced at around $25 to $60 a month, depending on the speed, which can vary from 300 to 1500 Mbps. The customer’s location also plays a role in the availability of any of these local connections needed for home WiFi.
5. HughesNet
Their connection is priced at $50 to $150 a month, and the speed also varies. A huge plus for this ISP is that they are nationwide and, so locality does not really matter when looking for a connection. There is also no hard data cap on their connection.
6. Optimum
Priced in the range of $40 to $80 a month, the speed varies from 300 to 940 Mbps for the customer. They do not have any contracts, and there is also no limit on the data, so unlimited data can be used by the customer. Some popular deals in the past have included a 2-year price lock with no contract, free SHOWTIME for a year, free $100 Visa Prepaid Card, and also Free Service Protection for a year.
7. Xfinity
They have several different plans and offers in general for their customers throughout the year. Some of these offers are limited, so customers are advised to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying or committing to a deal. If any shopper is a student, Xfinity also has student discounts that can be availed. One can keep an eye out for Black Friday offers from Xfinity, like free streaming plans and TV bundles.
8. Metronet
They have three different plans; the 100Mb plan costs $29 per month for the first year, and it allows for seamless gaming and much more. The 500Mb plan costs $49 per month for the year and offers a much larger download and upload speed, along with other benefits related to fast data transfer and speed. They also have the 1 Gigabit plan, which costs $59 a month for the first year and includes several features. The 500Mb and 1 Gigabit plans currently have a gift card offer for a limited time. While no Black Friday deals have been released yet, one can keep an eye out for announcements closer to the date to get their hands on some great offers.
9. Spectrum
They have internet plans starting from $50 a month with a download speed of 300 mbps. Customers could also avail free modems, free antivirus software and there was no data cap. Internet plus TV bundles start at $95 a month and those switching from a competitive network can get up to $500 buy out on their contract. While these offers are certainly attractive, the brand has not offered any Black Friday discounts yet, so one can keep checking their page to keep an eye out for similar or even more attractive deals in the near future.
10. AT&T
The internet plans start at $55 a month, and the internet plus DirecTV stream entertainment package is priced at $125 a month. The brand is also offering a free reward card worth up to $150 on bundles. AT&T is known to release some great Black Friday deals closer to the day, so one can watch out for early bird offers from them.

Currently, there are no Black Friday deals shown on any of their official websites, but it is advised for one to keep an eye out for any offers that can be available. It is also recommended that customers sign up for the companies’ websites and newsletters, follow social media accounts, and look for any announcements in the near future.